• Bell Choir on Cantata Sunday

    Bell Choir on Cantata Sunday

  • Christmas at OSC

    Christmas at OSC

  • mitten tree
  • Women's Advent Retreat
  • Christmas Cantata
  • organ
  • Christmas Cantata

    Christmas Cantata

Latest Sermon: December 28, 2014: Lessons and Carols for Christmas

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Blessings!  And welcome to our new and improved website! We look forward to seeing you soon! May you experience God's deepest blessing during this dark time of year. May you know peace and share it as well.

Please help stock the shelves of the food pantry as part of Missions and Benevolence’s "Soup-er Bowl" Sunday on Sunday, February 1st. While much of the media attention is placed on football, we know that many are hungry and don’t have the luxury of celebrating.  Can you imagine the impact if everyone in a football stadium brought 2 cans of soup?  We can do our small part, and still make a difference. Chicken Noodle vs Beef Barley?  Clam Chowder vs Minestrone?  Go Team!

The beautiful flowers you see on our altar are given by members of our church. Flowers can be given in memory of a loved one, in celebration of an event, birthday, anniversary, or just because. If you would like to sign up for altar flowers, the sign up list is downstairs in the fellowship hall, beside the entrance to the kitchen.

Following is a list of our upcoming events and announcements. 

February 1, Sun., Deacon's meeting immediately following worship

February 3-5, T-Th., Pastor Mandy will be away at a continuing education event.  If you need pastoral attention, please contact a deacon.

February 3, Tues., 9am-1pm:  Office Hours

February 4, Wed., 7:00pm: Choir Rehearsal

February 5, Thurs., 9am-1pm:  Office Hours

February 5, Thurs., 6:00pm:  Chimes Choir Rehearsal

February 8, Sun., Immediately after worship we will gather for a potluck lunch and our Annual Meeting.

February 8, Sun.,  4:30-6:00pm:  Youth Group at OSC

February 10, Tues., 9am-1pm:  Office Hours

February 11, Wed., 7:00pm: Choir Rehearsal

February 12, Thurs., 9am-1pm:  Office Hours

February 12, Thurs., 2:45-5:00pm:  Youth Group delivering Valentines

February 12, Thurs., 6:00pm:  Chimes Choir Rehearsal

February 18, Ash Wednesday: For Ash Wednesday, we will be joining the Hartland UCC Church for their service.  This will be particularly meaningful as our own Amanda Swoyer is serving as a seminary intern there this year.

March 3, Tues., 6:30pm:  Extravagant Welcoming Committee Meeting

On Sunday, January 18th, we shared the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  For those who would like to further reflect on the letter read during service, click here to read the full copy.

Santa Vs. Jesus

A  little rhyme about Christmas time in today's world.