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Latest Sermon: October 16, 2016: “Wrestling With Reality”

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A Message From Our Pastor

Dear Old South Church Members and Friends,

We all have things that we say in reaction to particular circumstances, don’t we? We stub our toe and nearly before we even realize that we’ve done so, we say, “Ouch!” generally quite loudly. And, truth be told, “ouch” is often followed by some other words, right? There just seems to be some feelings, either physical or emotional, that cause us to respond with regular and predictable words and phrases. We’ve just talked with a friend about a mutual acquaintance who’s life is a mess, or maybe it is someone neither of us know well, but we’re effected by the crisis that the other is enduring and because we don’t want to imply that we believe that we’re superior, we say, “There but for the Grace of God go I.” And we really mean it, but what does it mean? We have these phrases that have become our standard utterance when faced with an uncomfortable situation but upon closer examination the words might not be an accurate or fully truthful way of perceiving or responding to a particular situation.

For the month of September, Old South Church will be looking at some of these well-worn phrases as they are addressed in Adam Hamilton’s book, Half-Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say. The Rev. Hamilton is the senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of The Resurrection in the Kansas City area. In this book he explores five phrases that Christians frequently use,they may sound biblical to our ears, but they are not found, at least in their current usage, in the bible. And the ready use of them as our standard response, our Half-truth, may just in fact be keeping us from a deeper and more full understanding of how God is truly active in the world and in our lives. Some of the phrases that we’ll cover may be ones that you’ve never heard of, others might be one that you say three times a day. In either case, this series is not intended to shame or rebuke anyone, it is simply an attempt to listen closely to our language and to try to find some solid theological truth behind what we are aiming at with our use of these phrases. Having assessed what we want to say, we’ll try to find more faithful, accurate, and helpful ways to encourage each other and ourselves. Please join us, it will be interesting and edifying.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Mandy


If you are unable to attend a worship service but would like to hear the sermon, they are uploaded and available on our website.

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September 25        "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"

October 2                "There But For the Grace of God Go I"